Become an Innovation Fund Panel Member

Innovation and improvement are at the heart of how we will move from being a ‘good’ organisation to being a ‘great’ one.  As part of our drive to encourage and support a diverse range of innovation and improvement across the organisation, we have launched the Innovation Fund and set up an Innovation Funding Panel that consider the applications made to the fund and make awards.

Panels are held on a regular basis and members are drawn from a pool of people from across the organisation from all professions, grades and geographic locations.

We are still recruiting volunteers to joint our pool of Innovation & Improvement Funding Panel members - why don't you consider putting yourself forward? 

What will be your commitment?

  • To attend an initial briefing sessions about the role and how the process works
  • To be available for up to two hours once a month to attend the Innovation Fund Panel meetings
  • To pre-read the funding requests (a simple one page format)

Joining the panel will give you the opportunity to:

  • Influence innovation and improvement within our organisation; what happens and how it is done
  • Be one of the first to hear about good ideas for improvement and ways in which to make change happen
  • Experience working collaboratively with colleagues from diverse professions, backgrounds and teams on an equal basis

Register your interest now to become a panel member

All you need to do now is send an e-mail titled ‘Innovation Fund Panel MembershipExpression of Interest’ to to let us know that you are interested in joining and then wait to hear from us.