Innovation Hub


The Innovation Hub is a unique workspace where innovation and improvement will be incubated, supporting us in moving forwards on our Good to Great journey.

The space is unlike our usual workplaces and is equipped to enable ‘thinking differently’ and working creatively. The hub will foster a culture of learning and sharing together.

In the Innovation Hub, people will be facilitated to think critically and creatively. People will be supported to:

     - understand and use improvement techniques and concepts
     - collaborate with colleagues
     - find creative inspiration to innovate and improve
     - learn from the success and failures of others
     - generate solutions and plan rapid tests of their ideas
     - research positive practices 
     - try out available technologies

There will be a mixture of regularly scheduled sessions and bespoke workshop facilitation, helping individuals and teams address the problems and realise the opportunities in delivering outstanding services.

The details of what is on offer at the Innovation Hub are outlined below.   For open access problem solving sessions, please just drop in and attend (although you can book and let us know you are coming).

For all other sessions, please find a date in the calendar and book to attend through Discovery hereLogon. Click on catalogue.  Select Innovation Hub.  Find your session.

Hub Session Calendar

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Taster Sessions

Not sure what CQI is?  Think that improvement and innovation are things that ‘other people’ do?

Attend one of our weekly CQI Taster Sessions and find out all about continuous quality improvement, what we are doing at HPFT, how you can (and should!) get involved and what support and resources are available to make that happen.

These sessions last for 45 - 60 minutes and are a rapid introduction to continuous quality improvement.


Organising for Improvement

Would you like to be improving the work you and your team are doing, but feel that you don't have the time or space to 'do the work'?

Attend this 60 minute session and we will help you to think about how you can make the time and space in your busy schedule. 

We run these sessions weekly and you can expect to be challenged to think critically and creatively and be pointed towards some helpful tips and techniques.


Problem Solving Drop In

Come along to our open access sessions and work with one of our facilitators on a current problem that is impacting on your work and stopping you from delivering a great service.

We will work with you using improvement thinking & techniques to ensure you have a good understanding of the problem and how you can start to move forward. We will signpost you to helpful resources, connect you to people that can help and bring you into our learning community so you won’t be on your own as you take the steps to improvement.

We run these sessions weekly and estimate that you will spend between 30-60 mins with us to start your improvement thinking.


Innovation Fund – Ideas Development Session

If you have got an idea for an innovation that you want to apply to the Innovation Fund for but need a bit of help developing that idea, this is the session for you.

Book to attend and you can benefit from the advice and guidance of one of facilitators, members of the Innovation Funding Panel and other session participants who will help you to work up a compelling idea and application.

We will help you to think about what you may need to enable you succeed and we will always seek to turn your idea into a viable proposal. 

These group sessions run weekly and are scheduled for 2 hours. You can attend as many sessions as you need to get your idea ready and we anticipate that most people will come more than once.


Innovation Fund – Delivery Planning Session

You’ve just had your idea approved by the Innovation Funding Panel – but what next?

Every application needs to have a credible plan that demonstrates that the idea will be tested and measured for impact before the funds are released, but perhaps planning isn’t your strength or you aren’t sure about how to take the next steps or who to get help from? This would be the session for you.

Book to attend and our facilitators will help you with your planning thinking and structuring your project in a way that will help you to deliver. You can attend as many sessions as you need to get your plans in place to set your project off in the right way.

These group sessions run weekly and are scheduled for 2 hours with the opportunity for some dedicated 1:1 time with one of our planning experts. If you need to come more than once that is not a problem – in fact we expect you probably will.


Continuous Quality Improvement Action Learning Set

Register to be part of our fortnightly CQI Action Learning Set where you will be able to reflect on your improvement work and what is working well, what hasn’t gone so well.

You will have the benefit of expert advice from our facilitators and the wisdom of colleagues who are all making improvements, all of us learning and sharing together.

This session runs fortnightly and the main session will last for 60 – 90 minutes, with the ability to access some 1:1 time with one of our facilitators for a further 30 minutes.


How can support services support CQI?

Continuous Quality Improvement is for everyone and our support services have a vital role in enabling our frontline service delivery colleagues to improve. 

This 90 minute session is aimed at colleagues in all of our support services, in any role or grade to help them to think about how they personally and as a team can support CQI. 

A participative session, we will curiously reflect on the issues that help or hinder and how we can harness the good and overcome the difficult, whilst thinking about how support services themselves can continuously improve.


Project Delivery – Learn & Share Forum

Are you a project or programme management professional working in the organisation? Are you an operational manager or senior clinician who has been put in charge of delivering a project?  If you are, then we would love to see you at our monthly project delivery learn & share forum.

This is a monthly 90 minute opportunity to benefit from and contribute to the learning community of people delivering projects within HPFT. It is a great opportunity to learn from a wide range of professionals (project management, general management, HR etc.), to build your networks and for project experts to impart your wisdom to the next generation of people delivering change.

This session is particularly relevant for everyone who is delivering work under the Transformation Programme banner.


'Share & Spread' Forum

Our quarterly opportunity to show off the innovations and improvements you have taken forward – big or small, successful or otherwise – and to find out about what everyone has been up to.

This will be an open ‘marketplace’ where the innovators and improvers will showcase their work and anyone / everyone else can come along and ‘steal with pride’, taking away ideas that may have application in their team or service.

Register to either showcase your innovations and improvements or to come and see what others have been up to.  That’s what we mean by share & spread!



As part of the monthly Corporate Induction, the Innovation Hub will be open for our new colleagues to drop in and find out more about CQI within the organisation.

They will be able to hear examples of improvements that have been made, learn about our approaches, share their own experience and expertise and start to get involved in improvement from the moment they arrive.


Bespoke Facilitated Improvement Workshops

We all have problems or opportunities that need us to step away from the day to day to help address them. Often these are the most difficult issues or where there are high levels of complexity, perhaps because they are cross functional problems.

We also have ideas that we need the space to bring them to life or projects that need some renewed focus to rejuvenate them. And sometimes we need an external facilitator to support a creative process that allows us to be a participant and input our thoughts without seeming to dominate or control the direction.

In all of these instances we need a collaborative approach to successfully generate solutions that can be put in place and sustained.

If you have a problem or opportunity like this, then the Innovation Hub is the place where you can begin to address it. The Continuous Quality Improvement Team will work with you to design and deliver a one off workshop or series of sessions to help you to tackle the problem or realise the opportunity that will take you forwards in delivering outstanding services.

Each session will be unique to your situation and will use the techniques best suited to the challenge. What you can always expect is an environment that will offer constructive challenge a focus on the ‘art of the possible’ and a collaborative approach that enables the participation of everyone involved, unleashing their creative potential.