Support & Training



Our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) efforts must focus on delivering  "Great Care, Great Outcomes".  We want everyone to have the knowledge and support to take forward improvements and feel confident to do so and make a difference to the care and support we deliver.

Our Continuous Quality Improvement Team are dedicated to supporting CQI work throughout the organisation through a variety of approaches, including at our Innovation Hub at the Colonnades.

The Innovation Hub is a unique facilitated workspace where innovation and improvement is incubated.  It is equipped to enable ‘thinking differently’ and working creatively and collaboratively. 

Get in touch with the team to find out how you can benefit from our regular sessions in the Hub, set up a bespoke session focussed on your improvement ambitions, or access some advice, guidance , inspiration and support.

We are will developing and expanding the training that we offer - both online, in the classroom and 'on the ground'.  A great place to start with your CQI learning is with some of the online courses we have identified that will give you a broad taste of all things CQI.