Make time to do the work


We know that finding the time to carry out an improvement project can be difficult. Our approach is geared towards ‘doing’ improvement as part of your day job’ rather than as a standalone activity.

We can’t prescribe all the possible fixes to the issue of having the time, but you may want to consider using periods of time such as free slots at a team meeting or at the end of a handover.

As the work is incremental and iterative, if you only get small chunks of time, then use them – the analysis and solution development etc. may take longer than you would want to (in terms of elapsed time) but at least you are still doing it and making an improvement. What is the alternative?  Do nothing and stay the same?

You may want to consider activities that you do that are of low or no value to the core aim of delivering 'Great Care, Great Outcomes'. Which of these can you stop doing to re-utilise the time?  Obviously consider the risks and impact of stopping, but be bold and take action.

Make it clear when you are going to do the work on the project template so that you are committed to creating the time or setting it aside for the work and allowing everyone to know when this will be.

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