Learning & Sharing

Making improvements using a systematic quality improvement method in the way that we have outlined is always a learning experience.  You may have been trying out new ways of thinking about how you view the work you do and undoubtedly you will have been trying new ways of ‘doing’ the work you do.  Either of those will have required you to learn and develop. 

You may also have learned a new set of tools to help with improvement and taken on responsibility for leading a project, which may be a new experience for you.  That is all valuable learning and development as well, even if things didn’t always go as planned. 

In fact, when things don’t go as planned we believe you get the greater learning.  We love to hear stories of how people tried something, failed and then tried something else – that is the heart of the scientific method associated with PDSA. 

We can imagine that at various times you will have felt excited, concerned, enlightened, overwhelmed and many other emotions.  We hope now that now you are at the end of your project you will feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  And we hope you feel that way even if you haven’t yet achieved everything you set out to do. 

We genuinely believe that the experiences you have had through the improvement project are as valuable as the improvements themselves.  It is your learning and development that will allow you to take on other improvement projects and feel more confident and experienced when you do. 

The collaboration, empowerment and tenacity that you will have needed to work through your project are some of the hallmarks of a collective leadership culture and it is this culture, supported and enhanced by the curious mind-set that you will have developed that will be the foundations of our journey from good to great. 

We believe that your improvements and experiences can be a valuable aid and inspiration for other people and we want you to share your learning, which will also be an opportunity to celebrate your successes.

You will find a QI project ‘story’ template here that allows you to simply describe what you have done and the results that you have achieved. Completing this story template will be relatively quick and straightforward – all of the detail will have been captured in the project template and the PDSA sheets etc.

When you complete the story template, be creative and engaging with how you complete it – use pictures, graphs and charts etc. to make it an easy read for people. Bullet points will also help with brevity.  Remember that you are telling a brief story and if people want to know more of the detail they can come to you for that.

Once you have completed your story template, send it to us at hpft.qualityimprovement@nhs.net and we will ensure it is accessible through the website and other channels.

We can’t wait to hear from you and start sharing the work you are doing, taking us from good to great.