Form a team



Improvement should be a collaborative effort, ensuring the staff involved in delivering the service are engaged in some way so that the improvements are introduced consistently and remain sustainable.

Having a team to do the work means that you will be able to do much more, go faster and harness the creative power of the group. However, think about the optimum size of the core team, we recommend that it should be between 5-8 people.

At the start of your project, you may not have all your team members in place. You may not know some of the people who need to be involved and this may only become clear as you gain a better understanding of the challenge and the obstacles you need to overcome. You can add more people as the project progresses and should anticipate this happening as your improvement project gains momentum.

A key role in your ‘team’ which needs to be filled from the start is that of the project ‘sponsor’. This will be the person who is supportive of the improvement being undertaken and who will help you to overcome any barriers you may come across as you progress your project.

You will also need to think about some of the other people that you may need to help you who might not be part of the core team.  Perhaps you may need a bit of advice from an HR or finance perspective or some additional data that you can't access yourself.  You will need to think about who to approach and then secure their input, so it is worth giving some thought to that at the outset as well as when the project moves forward.

People who use the service are invaluable

The people who use the service are invaluable team members.  Our improvement projects should be focused on changes that benefit the people who use our services and should be informed by an understanding of their requirements.  Having them directly involved as members of the team in some shape or form is a great way to do ensure this understanding.

On the project template, capture the names of the project lead (probably you!), the sponsor and the people who are your core team and additional support, so that people are clear about who is involved and to reinforce commitment to the work.

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