Start an Improvement Project

Time to improve

First of all – Don’t Panic!

When we talk about ‘improvement projects’ we don’t generally mean the sort of endeavours that need specialist project managers with high levels of governance through ‘project boards’ and ‘change control’ functions. We mean deliberate pieces of work undertaken at the point where the work happens, carried out by the people who do the work to address a specific challenge that is impacting on their delivery of ‘Great Care, Great Outcomes’.


You can perhaps think of a project as “an outcome that requires more than one step that you are committed to achieving”.

Improving is an element of all of our roles; from the top of the organisation through to the front line. Our approach to improvement seeks to use the talent, knowledge and skills of everyone in the organisation and ‘do’ the improvement work in structured, repeatable and consistent ways.

Across the pages in this section of the website we will lead you through using the Model for Improvement in order that you can complete your own improvement project.  We will use a template that will become your ‘project charter’ and will help you to capture the key components of your project. This template isn’t something to ‘just be filled in’ by you alone.  It is a tool to help you do and share the work in collaboration with others.  You can find the project charter and the PDSA cycle sheet here.

It is designed to be a ‘live’ document that enables people to contribute to; put it up on your team noticeboard, talk about the work and encourage people to get involved.

If you need to, you can get some help, advice or guidance from the improvement support team here. To get started, click on the first page to the left 'The enabling steps' and then just work your way down the pages.

We want to know about the improvement work that is happening within HPFT so that everyone can learn from it, share and spread the successes. This guide uses a simple template that we recommend you use to direct the work, but we want everyone to use the Life QI system to control their projects. This easy to use system allows you and your project team members to capture, update and report on the work and you can find out more about the system and how to access it here.