Innovation Hub - coming soon!

16:48 on 14 Feb 2019

The Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is our unique workspace where our facilitators will support you to think critically and creatively to bring about improvements to the services you deliver and support you to move forwards from Good to Great.

The space is unlike our usual workplaces and is equipped to enable ‘thinking differently’ and working creatively and collaboratively. In the Innovation Hub, people will be supported to:

  • understand and use improvement techniques and concepts
  • collaborate with colleagues from different directorates
  • find creative inspiration to innovate and improve
  • learn from the success and failures of others
  • generate solutions and plan rapid tests of their ideas
  • research positive practices
  • try out available technologies 

There will be a mixture of regularly scheduled sessions and bespoke workshop facilitation, helping individuals, teams and groups address their problems and realise their opportunities to delivering outstanding services.

The sessions include:

Problem Solving Drop In’s

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Taster Sessions

Innovation Fund – Ideas Development Session

Innovation Fund – Delivery Planning Session

Continuous Quality Improvement Action Learning Set

Project Delivery – Learn & Share Forum

'Share & Spread' Forum

Bespoke Facilitated Improvement Workshops

During our opening week there will be a full programme of sessions and you can find out more about the schedule and make a booking on the Innovation Hub website here.

If you are interested in your team having a bespoke facilitated improvement workshop, please get in touch with the Continuous Quality Improvement Team to discuss your needs. You can get in touch with them by e-mail: