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Valued Care in Mental Health: Improving for Excellence.  A national mental health improvement model

A rich improvement resource produced in collaboration with NHSi and 9 mental health trusts, including HPFT.

 Making Data Count

A brilliant guide to using data including how to construct, use and understand control charts that will help you manage and improve your services.

 When Creativity Kills Innovation: Finding the Puny Ideas that Work

David A. Owens presents a TED talk on how can we reliably find ideas that satisfy an innovation need, while also being more effective, easier to implement, and more likely to be adopted.

 'Why the NHS needs a quality improvement strategy'

A Kings Fund interview with Don Berwick.

The Power of Believing You Can Improve

Carol Dweck presents a TED talk on the Growth Mindset and believing that you can improve and that your capabilities are not fixed.

Thinking for creativity

An interview with Dan Pontefract on how creativity and innovation are supported by thinking and the space to think.