Innovations & Improvements


This is where you can find out about innovation and improvement projects and ideas that are happening (or have happened) across the organisation and share your improvements. 

We want everyone to be know about the different ways in which innovation and improvement is helping us to deliver great care and great outcomes.  It is one of our 5 areas of focus and improvement thinking will help us have an even clearer focus on the other four.

Being aware of the improvements that are happening in the organisation allows us to gain inspiration, align our own improvements with those of others, 'steal with pride' ideas that have worked in one area and could be helpful in another and even get involved directly with projects that are of interest or could further our professional development.

We will publish the details of the projects coming out of awards made by the Innovation & Improvement Fund as well as any and all improvement work we become aware of, big or small.

So, if you have an improvement that you can share - either in progress or completed - click on the link and tell us all about it.  We really want to know about and celebrate all improvement efforts including those ideas that didn't work as first expected; there is so much learning to be taken from 'failures' and our approach is all about experimenting and learning!