My Quality Improvement journey - an introduction

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The first blog post from Victoria Sharman, Community Clinical Nurse Lead on her personal experiences of Quality Improvement and how she is using QI thinking and techniques to help make a positive difference to the people who use our services and the people that deliver them.

Quality Improvement - taking the plunge and getting started

A few people have been asking me recently about quality improvement (QI) resources. I’ve written before about how impenetrable it can be to get ‘in’ to QI, what with all the jargon that comes with it and it can be difficult to know the best place to start....


Waste is everywhere in the workplace. There are some very obvious wastes and some very subtle ones, but we know that all of them have a detrimental effect on service delivery and quality. We wouldn’t walk past a safety issue or poor delivery of care and do nothing, so we must not allow waste to go unidentified and unaddressed.

Work We Can Avoid Doing

We can think of our work as falling into two broad types – the work that is of value to the people who use our services and everything else. How do we know if what we do is of value to the people who use the service? Well, if it meets their needs and they (or someone) would be willing to pay for it then it is ‘value’ work. So if the value work is the stuff that is worthwhile, what is all the other work we do? Is it all just a waste of time? Well, yes, in a way…..but it’s not quite that simple!
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