Word Bank

We use Word-Bank, an automated dictionary plug-in to increase website comprehension for everyone.

Word-Bank automatically finds difficult language then adds a hyperlink to an easy read definition supported by an image so that the reader gains a clear understanding without having to leave the page. Word-Bank uses Photosymbols to support word meaning. Photosymbols is the image-bank used by the Trust.

By adding depth to our website content in this way, Word-Bank encourages meaningful understanding of our website's information while improving online engagement.

To use Word-Bank, simply select the On/Off button on the web page.


This website can be viewed in other languages by using the free facilities provided by Google, AltaVsita and InterTran

Translation Service:

If you would like the help of a language interpreter during your appointment, please ask a family member or friend who speaks English to contact the ward or department staff to arrange this service. Sign language interpreters are also available. This service is free to users of our service.

If you require information from this website:

  • in large print

  • on audio tape

  • in Braille

  • with more detail

  • in other languages

Please phone 01727 804629 or email